Weeding and Organizing — Papers and Boxes

For your craftiness today, I’ll share a couple of tips you may already know.  Both involve good old-fashioned reusing and will help save you some time.

Simplify your garden chores by reducing the amount of weeds with newspaper, preferably black and white only and no slick ads.  Some people are fond of lasagna gardening.  While I think it seems like a great method, I’ve taken a different approach and just put newspaper down beneath the straw.  This way, if the co-op gives me hay instead (like they have twice now — “fool me once . . .” ), at least the grass that grows isn’t as embedded in the soil as it is when there is no paper underneath.  Consider it a biodegradable alternative to the weed barriers out there, and be sure to add more regularly.

If you’re head-long into organizing like I was last week with my friend here to help me and need some baskets or magazine holders, just use a cardboard box or shoebox.  Take a box-cutter (or scissors) and trim the box down to the size you want, angling downward to make it easier to get into and out of.  I have a few of these revamped boxes in one of my cupboards now, holding the small miscellanies and larger folders, keeping everything orderly.  Don’t forget to label if you end up closing the box.  (Thanks, Patricia!)

Feel free to share your own helpful tips and hints, especially if they’re so cost effective that they’re free!

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