Help from Our Friends

(A different sort of creativity being shared and encouraged today . . . read on.)

When the to-do list is cresting higher than ever, the mess ever-spreading and the budget going downhill, you have to call in reinforcements.  I pray you have some near you!  It’s also a great time to think outside the box, get creative and, above all, keep a positive outlook.  One slip on the steep, slippery slope of negativity and it’s a lot harder to climb back up.  What do you need from others?  What do you have to share?

I have received several e-mails from an acquaintance, soon to be friend, offering her services.  She strives toward right livelihood and seeks to share her gifts with others.  Every time I read an e-mail, I would think, “I would love your help, but I can’t afford it.”  That’s not the energy I seek to send out to the Universe, but it’s what I did.

Until today.

I replied to her latest e-mail, telling her I wanted help but didn’t have financial means to pay her.  Perhaps we could trade?  BINGO!

And, as destiny would have it, another friend called today.  I have services to offer her family.  She’ll trade for babysitting my kids.  Wahoo!

My house shall be decluttered, and I will get time to myself when needed.  The cost is negligible, and the growing friendship and trust invaluable.  Remember that it’s never too late to make new friends, that often others are seeking authentic relationships, too.  The bonus is that you both benefit from each other.

Consider your gifts.  Yes, you have many.  What do you truly love to do?  Are there others who can benefit from your talents?  Share them.  Share them widely and broadly.  Don’t hide your talents away, for the only way for them to grow is by nurturing them, giving them the value and attention they deserve.  But also don’t forget that your gifts come from a Source greater than we can comprehend, so be grateful.

We are all richly and abundantly blessed.

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