Cleansing from a Mother’s Perspective

lemons_yellow_fruit_240661_tn.jpgToday marks Day 1 of my Master Cleanse.  I promise I won’t carry on about it, but if I need an outlet, I might add some in the comments sections here.  I mentioned before that I was considering a cleanse.  My body has been giving me cues that I need to do something.  Just as with my house, I need a drastic makeover . . . or, rather, a start-over.

The most challenging part will be cooking for the family while I drink my “lemonade,” preparing snacks while I drink water, facing meal times with my glass and watching the rest of my family eat.  To get everyone to the table, we have to sit together.  Chaos ensues if one person gets up.  (Think of The Breakfast Club — “If he gets up, we’ll all get up.  It’ll be anarchy!”)

Sometimes we have to take drastic measures for our benefit.  My kids have lost all their toys before and got back only half.  They never missed the other half.  I need to seriously consider my personal habits and decide which I need to keep and which need to go.  I need to do the same for all the stuff hidden in my kitchen cabinets.

In the end, I’ll have a new perspective and a new lesson learned.  In the meantime, I’ll have lots of time to do other things while I’m trying not to think about food.

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  1. Well, I thought I would write more about he process, but it turns out I didn’t. Besides, you don’t really want to know how many bathroom trips are involved. 🙂 My official cleanse ended today (on day 6) rather than on Friday because of a vacation coming up.
    Overall, I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be, even without taking wheat grass as often as told or adding hoodia.
    I cut back on the cayenne. I’m not a spicy foods person, and I’ve gotten a sore throat.
    Losing weight wasn’t my goal, but I noticed about a pound per day lost. From what I’ve read, it’s mostly water weight, and you should expect to gain half of it back.
    Day one turned out to be the lowest energy day for me. I puked the first night, and I’m not sure if it was psychological cleansing, from a migraine or just a reaction to the lemonade (which I really didn’t like the first day!).
    The saltwater flush is more effective than the Smooth Move tea, but I’d rather stick to the tea!
    My lessons learned are that my eating is very psychologically-oriented. I want to eat for the flavor of the food, for the enjoyment of company and socializing while eating. Most of our gatherings are centered around food. I learned that I eat when I’m bored, eat out of habit and encourage the same behaviors in the kids, unfortunately.
    The positive is that my kids see me doing this, and I told them why I was doing it — “to get all the junk out of my system.”
    When I told the kids tonight that the mosquitoes like boys and girls with lots of sugar in their blood, the older son said he wanted to do a cleanse to get the sugar out of his blood. Not to worry, though. I just told him not to eat so much candy and to drink more water, eat more veggies.
    I’ll just consider the cleanse another tool in my wellness kit. I’m sure I’ll do it again, and next time I hope to do so for the full 10 days and without a child who still wants to nurse!