Garden Time

Finally, we have something in our garden besides volunteers, which consisted of some sunflowers — the first of which bloomed this morning — some tomatoes and some sort of squash or melon (we’ll know when it gets bigger leaves or its fruit).  Now we have our intentional tomatoes (the salmonella-free variety), squash, zucchini, okra, cucumbers, sweet bell peppers, and seeds for basil and cilantro and flowers, soon.


(I only wish this were my garden!  Photo is by Chailey and is an organic vegetable garden: Kadoorie Farm, New Territories, Hong Kong. From

Time in the garden inevitably reconnects you to the earth.  There’s rejuvenation in tending to the plants, noting the beneficial insects, removing the pesky ones (with a blessing and pardon).  Rising before the sun crests high enough to heat you through and through, it’s refreshing and truly signals the start of a new day with hope and promise.  You are at the mercy of nature, lacking the control to determine exactly how the crop turns out, but if you do your best, chances are you’ll be rewarded.

May we all be blessed with bountiful gardens, whether our plot is large or small, spreading across acres or spread around in containers.  Enjoy the bit of earth you are blessed to share, and tend it well.

* * *

A gardening book we were recommended and encourage others to look into as well:  John Jeavons’ How to Grow More Vegetables.

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