Flowery Day

white_crop_green_8481_tn.jpgToday was Kids’ Day at our local farmer’s market, and we were happy to have an Earth Scouts booth there.  Not only were we telling other folks about this great alternative scouting program, but we were encouraging them to participate in The Great Sunflower Project.  Do take a look at the site, grow some sunflowers, count some bees and report your findings.  It’s a great summer project for those of you with kids old enough to understand it or at least get the general idea. 

Tomorrow we’ll be visiting our local botanical garden for a music/puppet program.  The summer fun never ends!  All the while, we’re getting a good dose of vitamin D, and the kids sleep well at night.

And, if you need a crafty floral idea, my mom sent me this link to make a pressed flower bookmark.  We’ve already bought a bunch of flower seeds.  Hopefully before the summer’s over I’ll be able to share some beautiful flower photos.  It would be even better to have my own flowers pressed into a bookmark.  Time will tell.

Enjoy the sunshine and watch for bees!

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