Times that Try Mothers’ Souls: Summer Ideas for All

Two words:  summer vacation

Instead of retreating into the couch with a sugary coffee and some bon bons, I’m taking this challenge by the horns.  I will survive!  (Feel free to break into song and dance.)

I printed the June and July calendars, and I filled the back of one sheet with ideas and general daily outlines.  The other sheet is filled with “Expectations of Behavior,” “Do These Every Day,” and a list of consequences.  No, I didn’t make these all up on my own.  The older two kids were right there with me.  I got their input, too, which is really crucial if you want an effective plan of action.

That said, my kids are notoriously good at the first couple of days in any new action/idea/concept/etc.  The proof will be at the end of the week and in the next eight weeks — whether I’ve gone mad and if my kids are ravaged with boredom.  We have so much fun stuff planned, though, that I really don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

To assist others in their summer planning, I figure I’d offer our ideas for June.  Next month, I’ll share July/early August.  (Their school starts back Aug. 14.)  And, just in case you’re wondering, I added our “everyday” list. 

Hope this helps!  Let me know if you have other suggestions, though our calendar is quite full!  : )

Do These Every Day

  • Speak kindly to everyone
  • Use words, not violence
  • Obey parents
  • Cooperate

*yes, my kids need these reminders!

June Schedule

Monday: Cleaning day, walk to park; if finish cleaning have family movie/game
Tuesday: Morning gardening/yard work, outside play; evening at Free Geek to learn to build computers
Wednesday:  library, botanical gardens; craft time
Thursday:  play at park/mall/outing; gardening/yard work
Friday:  free play, quick clean; swim time


Week 1:  Terra Studios, weekend at gradma’s
Week 2:  Vacation Bible School, weekend road trip
Week 3:  Breakfast outing, Children’s dance party, movie outing
Week 4:  Blueberry picking, Magician at library, pizza party, library concert

My kids are already checking to see what’s going on tomorrow.  It’s nice to be able to tell them.

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