Creative Bursts

For most of us, creative energy probably comes more sporadically than consistently.  From what I understand, though, the important thing is to make working creatively part of your daily round whether you feel like it or not.  As a writer it’s easier for me to journal and to blog.  It is harder for me, however, to make time to work on my fiction writing daily.  That’s where I need to step up on my self-discipline.  Whatever your talent, may you nurture it daily, for you, too, are an artist.

Last night I got a card-making burst of energy and finally made some thank you cards I’ve been meaning to.   Here’s one of them.  The center tag is on a large blank note card, folded in half, the inside of which has the written message.  All of it is hand-stamped.

Today also happens to be my in-laws’ 37th anniversary, so an anniversary card is coming up in the next half hour while sleeping child sleeps (hopefully).

If you’re already scoping out Father’s Day ideas, here are a couple of links:

  • — you can publish a regular type book, whether written by you (your collection of love poems for the father of your children) or your kids (the million things we love about DAD) OR you can make a photo album especially for him, the grandfathers, uncles, etc.
  • — this is geared toward publishing kid’s creative endeavors.  It seems like a newer site, but it seems to have lots of great stuff.  My kids are really into comics right now and are excited to maybe publish their own.

Sometimes we need a little help in coming up with creative gifts, and I hope this adds to your probably already crafty list of options.

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