Tidy Spices

When we moved into this house, we were tickled to have 12 drawers in the kitchen.  Our last kitchen had one.  I even put my towels and cloth napkins in drawers . . . and our spices.  messy_spices.jpgThis works out quite nicely until you start buying more spices at the co-op in bulk in those little plastic bags, stuffing them into the drawer until there is no room for more, and bags are getting holes in them, leaking spices everywhere, leading to more bags and . . .


Enough’s enough.  We ordered six little metal tins to store the spices in, the perfect size to fit in the drawer.  Still left with lots of plastic bags, we ordered twelve more.  Just this morninglabeling_spices.jpg (after shining my sink), I finally got around to labeling (thanks to my handy little Brother labeling machine) and filling the tins.  I even felt inspired to clear one of my towel drawers to make room for our dessert drawer, the one that has sprinkles, icing tubes, food coloring, extracts and such.

tidy_spices.jpgThe other drawers aren’t quite as lovely as the one with the tins and room for more, but I figured we’d recycle the containers we already had, some of which have already been refilled with organic spices and herbs.

I feel better already.  It’s all about the baby steps.  And, yes, those are my baby’s legs.  She was helping, too.


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