Time for the Kids

Summer break gets closer each day and the feeling that it will be great, calm and relaxed fades as the kids seem to be fighting more intensely these days.  Rather than sink into despair, though, I’m going to do some positive thinking and visualization, mixed with some good ol’ fashioned planning.

I have three weeks to cut clutter in the house.  This will simplify cleaning and help clear the energy — a number one help for me.

My activities these days are already becoming heavily kid-centered.  Morning times are fast becoming preschool/story/playgroup time nearly every day of the week.  With lunch, snacks, errands and a little project, the day is booked.  Add in a field trip a week, swimming a time or two a week at the grandparents’ and the occasional sleepover, and we’re all set!  Summer time doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does need to be intentional.  I didn’t even mention gardening our future veggies and flowers!  Our summer looks to  be pleasantly busy, and that’s even without the t.v. and video games.

Hopefully by focusing on what the kids will be doing, we’ll help minimize the inevitable boredom and sibling aggravation for the kids.  Of course, just because I’m focusing on them for concentrated amounts of time, it doesn’t mean that all day I’m going to be completely absorbed in them.  Some of their activities will be self-directed.  Space is good for me right now, and giving myself a couple of solitary, uninterrupted hours a day for me whether during the afternoon or after bedtime is a very good thing.

If you have any unique summer suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.  I know there are loads of resources online.

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