Kitty Craft

(My first experience of having lost an entry . . . somehow . . . I’m really not sure . . . but here it is . . . )

This craft was not premeditated.  But a spontaneous craft out of recycled material is a double bonus.

Somehow a box from the garage made its way into the house.  The once-whole box was a result of my husband’s attempt to make a light box.  This particular box proved to be too big, so it was discarded . . . sort of.

But a new purpose found its way to the box, and our kitty (and kids) are the proud benefactors.

  • recycled box
  • duct tape
  • boxcutter/scissors
  • yarn
  • cat toys
  • cat bed/pillow/blanket

On all but the bottom and back of the box, cut out a rectangle/square, leaving about two inches to the edge.  Use duct tape to secure weak places or accidental cuts (hopefully not on your hands!).

Tie some yarn onto the toys and tie to the box at desired places.  We tied ours on the two sides, leaving some yarn dangling for obvious reasons.  Place bed/pillow in the bottom and let cat sleep/play, if you can keep your kids away long enough!

I suppose before you attach toys, you could cover the box with paint, fabric or paper to coordinate with your decor.  Our box is perched right on the hearth here in the living room.  The shop-vac box, however, sort of fits with our motley crew.

May your kitty enjoy!  If the kids are making you crazy about it, scrounge up a large appliance box and let your kids revel in their own box house.

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