Everyday Labyrinth

Have you walked a labyrinth before?  Perhaps one on canvas, a stone one, a hedged
Stone Labyrinth
one, a Chartres style one?  This site even has some different online labyrinths to walk virtually.

Labyrinths, among many things, can be tools used for spiritual growth, personal transformation.  As I’m all for walking meditation on principle, the concept of the labyrinth makes sense, and I can see why its tradition is rich.

Beyond walking around and around in one place, though, which I’m sure so many of us have/make time to do, the thought occurred to me that I’m fond of saying “daily round.”  What does that mean?  Am I just running around and around?  Ultimately, doesn’t my daily life go through mostly predictable twists and turns?  Don’t I begin and end in the same place?  It would seem so.

So my “daily round” is much like a labyrinth. I enter my day and end my day in the same physical place, but as time passes, as I make my moves, take my turns, when I get to the center of where I truly am, I may experience something truly enlightening, and I may very well not be the same person at the end of the day or the beginning of the next.

I recall reading in Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents that we are truly different every moment, our body shedding cells, regenerating new ones.  We grow and change physically.  This is a good lesson in impermanence.

Yet I wonder how different we are at our core.  At the center of the labyrinth or at the center of it all, how are we different from the moment we are born?  I’d like to think that my essence that is from God is as strong in me now as it was at birth as it will be when I die.  After all, isn’t a part of the Whole always a part of the Whole?  Isn’t energy never created nor destroyed?  I like to catch moments when my thoughts are asking me how different I am now from when I was a child.  Will I still be asking myself this when I’m 90?

Who knows.  It’s just interesting to think about, and I encourage you to take time to walk a labyrinth of any sort, even if it’s just going through your daily round or vitually walking one online (which seems odd to me, so let me know if you do it and how it goes).  Do so contemplatively, mindfully, and let yourself find your true center.


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