Where to Buy Recycled Cardstock

After posting about the treeless paper last week and receiving an inquiry about whether I used recylced/hemp paper for my cards, I decided to do a little searching.

Hopefully these links will help you out, too, in case you go looking for environmentally friendly paper for your craft-making.  Of course, I still contend that the best way to do it is to make our own at home, but no one is going to condemn us for making it a little easy on ourselves . . . not this time, anyway!

  • Treecycle Recycled Paper — stationary listings from more than one source, so several options available
  • Paper and More! — recycled cardstock at reasonable price; a comment on another message board said the user was pleased with the samples received
  • Rawganique.com — Hemp paper products, journals, etc.
  • Neenah Paper — Environment line has cardstock (cover weight) in several colors
  • The PaperMill Store — good definitions about various certifications/terminology

Hopefully this gives you a good start.  Thanks to some folks at Etsy who also made the suggesions.

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