Thinking about Energy

I’ve decided spring cleaning came about because of ant infestations.  As I resolve to eventually mop my floors and clean thoroughly, I’m also thinking of my own body.  Am I doing everything to keep it operating optimally?  (Say that five times fast!)

Quite bluntly, I’m not.  I’ve talked to my chiropractor and several friends, and I’ve resolved to do a cleanse.  Not exactly pleasant to think about, but being sensitive to the flow of energy to my body, it makes perfect sense.  Also, my youngest is just about weaned, so I’m at a transition point in my life.  I haven’t decided which cleanse to do.  My chiro recommended one and then a 2-day liver cleanse.  I’m going to do a bit more researching before I decide.

Common advice remains (and can be found at Dr. Mercola’s site):

  • Drink pure water and lots of it
  • Regularly exercise until you sweat (toxins released in your sweat)
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet, free of additives and all the other non-nutitives

A cleanse is meant to aid your overall wellness, not make it happen, so it should supplement your above strategy for wellness.  Easy advice, right?

As I embark on this journey into further wellness, I challenge you to think about your own body, your own level of wellness.  How doth your energy flow?  What are you using as your energy sources?  Are they all healthy and beneficial, or are you using adrenaline, caffeine and/or others?  It’s helpful to make commitments to ourselves.  It’s even better to evaluate every once in a while to make sure we’re following through.

May all be well with you, and may your day be sunny, too!

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