Quiet Moments

It seems like an oxymoron in a mother’s life, doesn’t it?  But I did say “moments,” not days or even hours.  I have experienced the bliss of uninterrupted hours, during naptime or bedtime, of course.  For my purpose now, though, think of the quiet moments you experience when you are awake and alert enough to appreciate them.  Actually, many of my beautiful quiet moments are when the kids are awake, too.

Quiet Moment:

  • when the rush of daily life seems to close itself out
  • when my world is just me and who/what I’m with (it may just be my daydreams)
  • when I can smile with a clear mind and light heart, for all is well
  • induces a sense of calm and relaxation, even if just thinking about it

One day not long ago, I sat knitting beside my son while we watched part of a movie.  I was the recipient of several smiles from my youngest, whose humor and personality expands daily.  I sat beside my older son while he practiced piano, helping him a bit and reminding myself that I still love the piano, too.  My oldest child fell asleep during some healing touch.  I let myself sit with the warmth and calm of a purring lap cat.  These are just a sampling of the quiet moments I’ve experienced with my family and for which I am grateful and give thanks.

Quiet moments don’t have to be made; the most genuine are snippets of life’s inner peace.  Make them, though, if you need a sense of restoration or assurance that inner peace is there to be had.  Draw yourself a scented bath, take a nap, laugh with a friend, or buy a listening ear if you need to vent all of life’s troubles.

Our days are filled with moments, and not all of them are experienced on auto-pilot, nor should they be.  Just as with finding the beauty in our daily round, with conscious awareness we, too, can find the peace and quiet we tell others we truly seek.

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