Spring Gardening

pansies_lambs_ear.jpgStorms and all, Spring is definitely here, and I guess I’d rather stay up way too late cleaning than waste precious daylight.  The kiddos and I got our jump start on gardening, getting the straw for much.  What is some straw in the garden without the strawberries?  I bought two root bundles — that means 50 plants.  Yes, we take our strawberries seriously around here, though not scientifically seriously enough.  I’m not sure about the variety we got; I need to research the Chandler kind since that’s what we brought home!

So, 25 strawberry roots are already planted.  There are two groups of three near the red raspberries and lavender (both just in their second year in our garden) in the bed by the veggiegrowing_raspberries_lavender.jpg
garden (not yet planted at all this year).  I’m
curious to see how and if flavor is affected by the nearness of the plants, but that’s a long-term project.  (I was inspired by the wine conversation in French Kiss, one of my hubby’s and my favorite movies.)  The other 19 plants are filling in unused sunny space. 
Our yard was landscaped when we bought it, but it’s largely ornamental, though good for animals/insects.  There’s lots of space we foresee filling in to make it more like an “Edible Estate.”  We have a long way to go and lots of research to do to make that happen, but it’s a goal.  You gotta have goals.

We didn’t plant today since I thought it would rain.  We’ll see what it’s like tomorrow afternoon because I just can’t wait to get all those berries started.  For me there’s nothing like a good day’s work outside to revitalize the soul.  Fresh air and a boost of vitamin D does a body good.  Now if I could just get my kids to be aware of that positive energy to dilute their angst and negativity, we’d all be better off.

Happy sunny spring days to you.

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