Makin’ Memories

Remember me sharing that we went for a hike a couple of weeks ago, stopping by the pottery shop afterwards?  It rained on that hike, especially hard when we actually got to the waterfall.  My kids are still residually snotty from their colds, but I wouldn’t trade that day with family and friends for anything.

This morning I made one of our not-too-frequent stops by our local bread shop, taking the younger two with me to pick up a breakfast sandwich, chocolate muffin,  raspberry scone (the raspberries make it healthy, right?), and bread, of course.  My four-year-old loves “the stone place” (it’s called Stonemill Bread), and I love the feeling of supporting our local business, sharing the morning with my little kids and eating some great food.

Both of these experiences remind me that I’m making memories each moment of my life.  Even as I’m here typing (after taking a break for nursing someone that needed a moment of attentive loving and then having a quick IM chat with my mom), I know I’m making a choice to nurture myself by writing and sharing with you.

The main point is that everything we do is significant, from helping the stranded guy at the post office by offering a jump since you have the cables (which happened last night) to taking the kids to school every weekday.  In every moment we have the opportunity to affirm life and love, to share in our abundance.

Do you have a gratitude journal?  Have you considered how blessed you are to have this day to make new memories?  The best way to assure you’ll continue to have abundance is to give thanks for all that you have.  So, give thanks and then make some new memories.

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