The Power of a Gathering

Never underestimate the power of a group of like-minded women.  The more
generations represented, the better.  The energy pulsates through the air.  Smiles are free, and eyes twinkle brilliantly, aided by abundant candlelight. 

In joy the gathering lingers a while longer.  Smiles come despite themselves, offering support, strength and energy which someone is sure to need.  Eyes glisten, perhaps from tears.  The gathering proceeds despite the rapids and even the falls that seem to take us to a higher level.

Keep your women friends near and dear.  Honor them regularly as only you will know how, for they will be with you through it all.

Who is in your gathering, your community?  When was the last time you felt carried away by overwhelming abundance of support and love in Spirit?

I’ve experienced it spiritually in our Time for J.O.Y. retreat, and I’ve experienced it in the birthing community at my Bradley ™ instructor training and at the CIMS Forum.  You feel almost overwhelmed by the energy that’s present.  Anything is possible.  The trick is when you return to the daily round.  How do you carry that awareness home?  How do you keep the potentiality wide open, the enthusiasm present?

Quite simply, we have to do just that.  Be aware.  Be present.  Be enthusiastic.  Just Be.  If we can do that, then we are at once One with the energy we experienced and the fuel for the possibilities to come.  In that state, we can be enthusiastic in our work, whether it is tending to the babe, assisting another in birth, writing a novel or cleaning the house.

Know your community and revisit often to remind yourself what really is and the power you have.

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