A Special Way to Say “Thanks”

You can get some pretty nice cards these days, and they’re even being made to look like they’re hand-made.  In a pinch, it’s great, but when you have to show someone your most sincere gratitude, you’re going to have to put some sweat into it.  Not really, of course.  More the mental variety.

Making things should be fun for you, or you just shouldn’t do them.  By all means, buy a card, dress, or whatever.  I enjoy even making something following instructions or using a design as inspiration, even if it’s just replication.  I keep telling my kids, “It’s okay if they draw the same thing you do.  Feel honored they like your work enough to copy it as they grow as artists.  In time, they’ll develop their own technique.”  Granted, some of us are still copying thirty years later, but, hey, at least we’re still trying.  : )

A design in my Cricut ™ Alphalicious cartridge manual inspired this card, and I really enjoyed it.  I did not like the cheap cardstock that I tried to use first, but it all works out in the end. 

  • Gather materials.  I start with what I know I need then gather the rest as I go.


  • Use Cricut ™ to cut matchbook card with cut-out “thank you” on Bohemian-themed paper.


  • Use aforementioned cheap cardstock to line the card, providing sturdiness and a nice contrast for the “thank you.”  I lined the back of the front and the front of the back, just using a glue stick.  (Sorry for the photo quality; that’s an operator error!)


  • A corner hole punch with a decorative design (from Stampin’ Up!) provides the perfect corners for an index card cut to length to fit into.  On this index card, I write my message (see photo further below).


  • I use some lovely SU! stamps to leave a signature on the back and to decorate the back of the front.  On the inside stamping, I used a white pen (also from SU!) to pull the stamps together and highlight some of the image more.


  • A brad holds a flower in place to embellish the front.


  • Like I said, more tools come out along the way.  Thankfully, everything is in the same room.  When I’m finished (even if it’s early in the morning), everything has to go back to its place.  I wouldn’t want little fingers experimenting without supervision.

My creative process begins with a visualization of what I want, and I create along the way, keeping my eye open to the whole and sensitive to the design.  Soon I hope to make several cards and sell at a local shop or have an Etsy store.  (Beware!  Etsy’s addictive!)

Be the first couple of folks to comment on this site, and I’ll make you a card, too!  Comment and leave me your addy.  I swear I won’t spam you!

Enjoy the Spring!  It’s my days outside that are leading me to stay up late doing this stuff at night!

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