The Fine Art of Balance

Naturally, after thinking about how I need to prioritize my life and home, I realize this morning that what I also need is balance.  I cannot fully exclude anything from my life (as I join yet another Yahoo! Group) if it is indeed nourishing to me in some way.  A day of t.v. and chocolate, after all, reminds me how important a day of gardening and exercise is.

Yet there are so many different levels on which to seek true balance.  Of course there’s the budget and housework versus playtime.  The bigger topics include my time vs. family time, community work vs. home projects, career vs. leisure.  The list goes on.  All themes interconnect.  We aren’t necessarily having to draw a line over which never to cross; rather, we rest on a ball.  A little too far one way or the other might send us crashing down. 

How often have we wondered why there isn’t a manual on how to fill our days?  Sure, there are some books.  Some accept holy texts as instruction manuals, and I can’t help but admire their discipline and devotion.  We all have the free will to see what works for us, and the truth is that what works will be as unique as each of us.  As long as we are striving for balance, there always seems to be a net on either side to help us try again to get on track. 

We’ve all known people, however, who can’t seem to get back on the ball.  Forgiveness may just be our strongest net, not just from others but mostly from ourselves.  If you’re already down, it’s hard to see, hard to realize that there’s something there to help.  I believe that if you look deep enough within yourself, you can connect to a divine source, whatever you believe that to be.  When you look deeply and sense that you can genuinely forgive yourself, feel that you are forgiven, then you’ve connected to a love that helps you up again. 

Hopefully on our next try our priorities will be re-evaluated and a new sense of balance achieved.  Life is so multi-faceted.  We have
choices to make, and our actions reveal who we really are, especially
when we think no one is looking.

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