Ways to Nourish Mom!

After posting about prioritizing your commitments and encouraging you to actually ADD something to your list, I didn’t want you to think I’m being hypocritical.  We should practice what we preach, right?

I have a slew of commitments, but here are some ways I nuture myself.  You can do something for yourself, too!

  • For the past few years, I’ve read Simple Abundance.  It’s light and motivational and has other practical, nourishing things you can do.
  • Journaling — essential for everyone, especially writers.
  • Days outside, especially with the coming spring.  My son and I discovered thecrocus1-2008.JPG crocuses bloomed in what we call our “fairy ring.”  (photo to right actually of our blooming friends) Even when I had pressing deadlines, apparently it was more important for the kids and me to be outdoors.
  • Time with other moms.  Support.  Need I say more?
  • Pretty accessories.  I don’t have many, but the few I have are beautiful and meaningful.  A pair of earrings my daughter made was added to my collection when I returned from my trip.
  • Sacred spaces.  Any place in my home where I spend time is converted to my sacred space.  The kitchen sink, my desk, the bathroom.
  • Candles/Incense.  The house smells dingy sometimes, thanks in part to our large indoor dog, but I enjoy beautiful smells and feel better when the house smells better.
  • Daily shower.  Even as a mother of four, I take a daily shower as part of my 15-20 minute morning routine.

There are probably other things I do, too.  All together, it sounds like I’m a selfish person, but I don’t do them all at once or all on the same day.

For those of you who are so lovely as to read this, please comment with your ideas for self-care.  Or, contact me if you have problems leaving comments.  We can always use new ideas that don’t involve buying a whole bunch of body products.

Take care of you!!

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