A Mother’s Zen Garden


Standing at the edge of the sand, one dares not disturb the serenity of a Japanese rock garden.  God knows how long it took to rake it just so, and the monks probably had a time of it to keep their robes hiked up or the sand out of the hem.  Then again, they were probably just there.  the sand was just where it would be, too.  Everything would be just as it is, which is just as it should be.

My “rock garden” takes at least two hours to complete.  On a small scale, it’s just the floor.  A bigger experience is the whole house.  I have to clean it, hopefully regularly, for before long the dog and cat hair is clumping up, the juice spots are collecting dirt and even my socks stick with every step.  So, I grab my tools and set to work, creating a masterpiece that satisfies my body (especially my feet) and my soul.

But this, too, shall pass.  The animals and children will come, my effort disappear and the chore will reappear on next month’s (if I’m lucky) to-do list. If I can do it with joy and fully participate in those fleeting moments of cleanliness, I will be doing well.  If I can honestly and sincerely welcome the dog, cat, children, everyone and everything else to destroy my masterpiece, I will be doing even better.  It’s about time to give it another try.

* * *

I would feel amiss if I didn’t share a blog (Zen Habits) from which a fellow parent shares advice and tips, all with the right intention of helping you mindfully simplify your life and increase your productivity.  I’m still exploring the knowledge archived there and encourage you to indulge.  My husband particularly likes the Dad perspective Zen Habits offers.

* * *

Photo by tiarescott, found at EveryStockPhoto.com,shared under Creative Commons license.

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