Where Is That Lazy Dog?

My take on The Little Red Hen has been forever warped by The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, but this project’s origins have a more wholesome intent.  We are facilitators for our local Earth Scouts group, and since our audience is mainly our kids, we know they’re young enough to get a kick out of the felt role playing.  Plus, we’re using some of the felt scraps left over from a previous project.

The idea is to make felt characters to act out the story of felt_hen_and_wheat.JPGThe Little Red Hen but to give the story an ending that enforces economic justice, equality and human (er, animal) rights.

I may not have the story down yet, but at least we have a few creatures to show.

felt_red_hen_cast.jpgHave handy some

  • felt, various colors
  • scissors
  • fabric glue
  • Sharpie or fabric marker 

That’s all you need, unless, of course, you’re like me and like to sketch out what it might look like first.  If so, add paper to your list; in my case, it’s scrap construction paper.

For the board, we had a spare cork board over which I put some felt_red_hen.JPGfelt fabric, stapling around the back into the wood frame.  Another suggestion seen in the link below is to glue felt to a cookie sheet, making a more personal-sized area to work on.

I found that breaking the animals into pieces makes for easy assembly, good use of awkward-sized scraps and more dimensional animals (which is hard to convey in the photos).  For some, making up your own animals might be intimidating, felt_dog.JPGbut this is not the place to worry.  My philosophy is to just bite the bullet and do it.  I do not claim to be an awesome visual artist; it’s just not my preferred medium.  I do, however, enjoy creating things and saying.  “Yes, I did that, and it makes me happy.”  Chances are, it’ll make someone else feel good, too.  Kids especially are extremely forgiving and would rather see you try than see and hear you apologizing for not making a “perfect” something-or-other.  I digress . . .felt_cat.JPG

Felt board projects abound, and the farm setting is pretty common.   For instructions on another version of a felt board, go here, and if you’re interested in finding some templates for animals and such visit this site, though be forewarned that it is very elementary school-ish.

This project may not be as cool as the Zombie Bunnies, but it
felt_duck.JPGdefinitely has a practicality value.  You can create almost any scene, setting, cast that you need to, it can enhance story times and it provides a helpful alternative to the t.v.  I have our “Little Red Hen” cast stored in a labeled gallon plastic bag, so there will be no confusion of the pieces should we get other collections going.

If the kids enjoy it, I’ll consider myself receiving an extra gold star.  I’ve already had fun making it.

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