Forget-Me-Not Valentines

I hope everyone has a delightful Valentine’s Day today.  Try not to overindulge in the chocolate!  When looking for an easy Valentine card/craft, I didn’t have to look further than the FamilyFun site.  I’ve used it before and will definitely visit again.

Thumbnail image for forget_me_not_valentineAs soon as I saw the elephants, I knew we had to do it.  My daughter is 9, so I figured what better way to try to be gender neutral, cool, and avoid stepping on anyone’s crush than to give out elephants?  Plus, the whole memory-filled pachyderm imagery is right up my funky daughter’s alley.

If you want to give it a go next year, or maybe some other occasion might arise when it would come in handy (think birthday cards, invitations, reminders), find the instructions here.

Some advice from our experience:

  • Print and cut out the template from cardstock.  Then, fold it in half.  Fold an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock in half.  Align the top folds, then draw the outline.  We found we could cut two at a time.
  • As for the heart ears, think long hearts.  Not all our tips came down far as tusks, but this also depends on how you make the slits.  Once you get a heart that works, use that as your template.  We don’t have Color-Aid paper, so we used more cardstock.  Fold a sheet into quarters and outline two.  Quickly get eight hearts from two cut-outs.  (We were making 36 oliphaunts, which requires 72 hearts, so we tried to save time.)
  • When it came time to make the slits, I had thickly cut out the line on the template.  I used a pen to mark the line on the subsequent elephants.  On a cutting mat (or in my case, scrap paper), use a craft knife to cut the line.  It will cut through both sides if you press hard enough.
  • We put the little packages of conversation hearts inside, using tape.
  • I used the extra strong glue stick variety to glue the trunks together.
  • Yes, they are standing with the candy inside.

Maybe next year this experience will remind me why you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to do a project! 

Feel free to share your favorite crafty links with me, or if you would like to see a project done, let me know!


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