Less for More

Try explaining to a three year old that less is more.  If brother and sister have three pieces of candy, and he only has two, the mathematical logistics set in early . . . and he has less, no matter the bountiful benefits of eating less candy.  The same holds true for adults, for we all have that inner child who, sometimes quite loudly and insistently proclaims, “I want that, too!”

Everything around us in society encourages that voice, the little beastie that fuels our consumer-driven society.  We’re addicted now, spoiled, and even though our conscious awareness is telling us something’s not right, our inner child is still screaming for more.  Instead of society massively helping us by making what is good for us appealing, the mainstream temptations haven’t changed much.  And would you like a high-energy XXX soda with that?

*SPLASH*  Drench yourself with water, filtered or purified if you have it, inside and out.  We have got to wake up.  There is plenty out there to help us on our way, and instead of thinking we’re trying to deny logic by making less more, think of it this way:  we’re going with less to make room for more . . . less for more.  Any economist would tell you that’s a good deal, so long as you’re on the receiving end, which we are! 

Everything comes from and is fueled by energy, which comes from the Universe, and there’s an endless supply of the good stuff.  (I know, sounds really technical, doesn’t it.)  There is a catch, though. The good energy is easily blocked and congested.  We have free will.  We can choose what we want.  We can choose the sugary/alcoholic/caffeinated drinks for our bodies.  We can eat the trans fats and empty calories, and we can fill our minds with an array of images at the flick of a switch.  Or, we can grab a water, some fruits and veggies and take a hike.

Ever wonder why you have to “clear your mind”?  It is not just your mind.  If we clear our bodies, we’re more open to that universal good energy that is there for us all . . . if we choose it.  Sound hokey or new agey?  Think of the healthiest people you know.  Think of the most sincerely happy, authentic people you know.  How do they live?  Are the people in the McMansions and expensive cars “happy”?  Some, probably.  All?  Doubtful.

Take where you are now — your relationships, job, home, finances, possessions, EVERYTHING — and give thanks for what you have and for what you don’t have, for that which brings you joy and those that offer life lessons.  Now, make a list of what brings you joy.  If it’s not on your list, clear it out of your daily round.  If it can’t be removed (I’m thinking of household chores!), then find a way to bring joy to it.  I honestly feel better when the house is clean.  It is in my best interest to keep it so.  My kids are getting old enough to help, and I’m grateful I’m not always doing it by myself anymore.  The key:  make it positive.  We’re all familiar with the slippery slope of the downward spiral, and that is because negative energy attracts negativity and congestion — you don’t go with the flow.  The good thing, though, is that it’s a spiral, not a brick wall.  It’s hard, but we can get back up, even if we have to enlist help.

I’m writing all this to myself, mostly.  We all know this stuff.  It’s around us; we just have to receive it.  It’s still early in the new year, a perfect time to work on clearing and decluttering, focusing on intent and finding how best to give back in thanks for all our blessings.  I want to live with less clutter (mental and physical) and on less money (out of principle and necessity) so that we have room for more quality time and contentment.  Of course, my inner-child is resisting.  I love to shop for nice things and have quality items, but I would rather be debt-free first.  So many lessons to learn, and I keep getting them over and over again.

I need to be more patient with myself and my children.  The universe is so patient with me.

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